Foxfly News

Standley is moving to New York HOWEVER there is still one last chance to check him out in LA!  8pm on Wednesday October 30th at The Hotel Cafe.  Check out the Facebook invite for more info.




Oh me, oh my, stick a needle in your eye because the new music video is here!!!!!  Check out Un Americain as brought to you by Les Filles.


There are rumblings of a new music video coming out of the Foxfly camp.  Let us know which song you think it might be for on the Facebook fan page.


Killer solo show last night.  There may or may not have been some recording happening so you may or may not be super stoked.


Did you mark your calendar for Brad’s solo project Standley at Salvage on Wed Dec. 5th at 10pm?  THEN DO IT!!!!!!


Gummy Bears.  Think about it.


Have you RSVP’d for The Foxflies gig at Bardot on Friday, December 3rd?  Well I think you should.


Brad’s got some solo recordings in the works.  Get ready for it.  It’s going to melt your face!


Brad and the guys have holed up in preparation for some new songs and a little recording action.  Excited?  Yes, you are.


Ninja fight amongst The Foxflies and their mortal enemies.  Who will win?


Do a Foxfly and solid and go like the fan page.


Brad and the guys are setting up right now to blow out The Pond at Green Valley Ranch in Vegas.


Check out the Facebook invite for The Foxflies at The Joint on Wednesday the 30th.


In the morning it’s the Vegas Breakfast buffet.  Last night was The Foxfly Music Buffet.


The 30th of this month The Foxflies are taking over The Joint in Los Angeles.  10pm $5 cover.  Good times.


That’s right Vegas…you’re walking a little funny today, aren’t you?


The Calm before the storm.


The last few days before Las Vegas gets taken over every Friday by The Foxflies.  Enjoy your peace and quiet while it lasts Vegas.


Pirates are awesome.  Aren’t they?


Mayday! Mayday!


Is Vegas ready for the Foxfly onslaught?  Sources close to the scene say…they don’t stand a chance.


The Joint was a killer set.  Appreciation to all who made it happen.


There may be some new Foxflies buzzing about for the trip to Las Vegas.  More info to come.


The Joint is getting closer and closer.  Are you going to hit that?  4/25 at 10pm.


Rock Sauce is the official beverage of Brad Standley & The Foxfiles.


The set is coming together for the Vegas landscape.  Any suggestions?


Are you going to be hitting up The Joint on April 25th to see Brad Standley & The Foxflies killing it at 10pm?  Because you should be…seriously.


Check out the new Guerrilla music video of Brad Standley as shot by Jesse Salto. Here is Somewhere




It is official.  As of May 11th, Brad and the guys will be taking over The Pond at The Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas every Friday.  I don’t think even Vegas can make this action stay in Vegas.  Thoughts?


The Foxflies have invented awesome…and it was glorious.


Foxflies music, along with helping children learn.  Come be a part of the amazing charity Illuminate

_where: 1700 W. Olympic Blvd LA, CA 90015 (outside parking lot)
_when: April 7th 8PM
_how much: $15 at the door (everything goes to help educate children in La Limonada, Guatemala)


Tuesday, March 27th at Old Towne Pub in Pasadena.  Are you ready?  Because I don’t think you are…seriously, where are your previsions?


The Guys are coming to Las Vegas this Monday at 6pm.  Get Ready Green Valley Ranch.  Awesomeness is imminent.


Brad and the guys have officially made it home safely.  Now to tend to their wounds.


Tonight at The Red Shed Tavern at 8pm and tomorrow night on The Whole Foods Rooftop at 8pm.  Much goodness.


The 24 hour car ride to Texas begins.  Which Foxfly will eat the others before they get to the Festival?


The Foxflies are hiding…planning their world domination.  It all starts at SXSW on the 16th and 17th


SXSW is coming.  They’re coming for you Austin…Be afraid.


You’ve got city hands Hoopa.  Been counting money all your life.


That’s right Alta Dena.  They came, they saw, they brought the PAIN!!!!!!!!!  Great show to everyone at the Coffee Gallery.


I’ll catch yer fish.


Brad’s headed down to Redondo this Friday for a solo gig at The Coffee Depot.  He’ll be joining some amazing singer/songwriters so be there at 8pm!




Ever wonder what Brad sounds like sans Foxflies?  Go check it out this Tuesday the 28th at the Stations Bar in the W Hotel.  Totally free in an amazing location.  Suggestion…2 pairs of pants due to the possibility of wetting the first pair.


The Foxflies have landed in Alta Dena.  Can they handle it.  Find out this Friday.


Rumors abound of some Brad putting together some solo material!  In any case he’ll be rocking the W Hotel Singer Songwriter Series on the 28th.  More info to come.


Brad and the gang are headed south the San Diego for a photoshoot and an interview with The Midnight Bandwidth.  Could be followed soon by some killer concerts down south.  Get ready SD for it to be brought-en.


Great show on Thursday at The Viper Room by the guys.  There may or may not have been some audio recorded of the show.  I can neither confirm nor deny that.


Tonight’s the night.  9pm at The Viper Room.  Be there or be not a cool enough person to have been there.


Some last minute West side love at O’Brien’s tonight at 10pm.  Some great bands joining the ranks and it’s FREE so enjoy!


The bomb will be dropped on the Viper Room this Thursday the 16th and it will be glorious!  Be there at 9pm!


Have you checked out the 1st in the incredible series of Guerrilla Music videos that Brad is putting out?  Well, I think you should.  Click Here.


Don’t forget about The Foxflies at The Viper Room on Thursday, February 16th at 9pm!!!!!




The first in a series of Guerrilla music videos has been uploaded to youtube!  This one is for Winter Waltz, one of the softer and more melodic tracks off of The HYBRID.  Check it out!


In case you all aren’t in the know, Brad has been uploading mini video’s of song ideas that have been floating around his head.  Check them out on Facebook.


Make sure to keep your calendar clear for Thursday, February 16th at 9pm.  The Foxflies will be tearing it up over at The Viper Room.


Come check out Brad rock a few songs at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica.  The Jam goes from 6:30-8:30 and the man himself is scattered somewhere in the mix.  Be there and show some Foxfly Family love on the west side.


Last night, killer full band set at The Rainbow.  Tonight, solo acoustic set by Brad Standley downstairs at The Viper Room.  Be there at 8:30 and say you’re there for Brad and the whole evening is FREE!


You had better be coming out this Tuesday night to see the debut of Brad Standley & the Foxflies at The Rainbow Room. That’s right.  The room that invented Metal will finally know the ruckus, and they will know it well.




Killer shows by Brad and the gang over the past few days.  If you were privy you best be thanking your lucky stars.


After your champagne brunch this Sunday make sure to come out and be Monday Night Rockstars at the Universal Bar and grill his Monday at 10pm.  Cheap drinks, dirty rock.


Champagne, Brunch, and Foxflies.  Come to Lot 1 cafe in Silverlake this Sunday at 2:30 and this can all be yours.


Where are you going to be on January 31st?  Wrong Answer!  You’re going to be watching Brad Standley & The Foxflies tear it up at The Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset for FREE!!!  Totally Free show, 18 and up, and the line up is INSANE!


We’ve been hearing some South by Southwest rumbling from the Foxfly camp.  Sounds like the gang is headed to Austin folks.


The Foxflies will be rocking brunch in Silverlake this Sunday the 22nd at 2:30 at Lot 1 Cafe, and then turning around for a killer performance at Universal Bar & Grill on Monday night.


Check out the success story written by The Musicians Institute.  All in all…Awesome Sauce.


BS&F love, love, love D’addario strings.


Check out the amazing review of BS&F by The Rising Hollywood.


Amazing show last night at The Viper Room.  Check out the Photo’s posted up on the Facebook Page.


Put on them party shows Foxfly Family because tonight at The Viper Room is going to get busy!


BS&F are hit up The Hit Joint Studios this evening for an interview with  Check out the teaser!


Start the engines of the New Year because Brad Standley & The Foxflies are hitting up The Viper Room this Tuesday night with LA Scuffle and it…will…be…epic.


Amazing show at Skinny’s on Tuesday and Foxfly love is handed out in generous amounts to all that ventured out to witness The Foxflies valley debut.


Tonight’s the night for Skinny’s!  The first time that Brad and the guys have ventured up above the hill so make them feel welcome folks!


Happy New Year to the Foxfly Family!!!!


As the New Year approaches remember your resolution to go out and see more live shows.  BS&F are hitting Skinny’s on Tuesday the 3rd at 10pm,  The Viper Room on Tuesday the 10th at 10pm, and The Rainbow Room on Tuesday January 31st.  Get that calendar out and come join the Foxfly domination.


Merry Christmas to The Foxfly Family!


The gang has officially announced the first show of 2012!  Skinny’s North Hollywood is welcoming The Foxflies and all of you on Tuesday January 3rd at 10pm.  Make sure to mark the calendar and don’t get too bogged out to make it there.


The Foxflies are headed to their respective foxholes for the holidays but don’t worry January will bring many new shows and lots of wonderful news.


BS&F would like to welcome Arkay Marketing onboard the Foxfly express.  Together they shall bring world musical domination upon us all!!!!


Tik Tok Nation is officially over 1,000 views!  Check it out if you haven’t, watch it again if you already have and SHARE SHARE SHARE!


The Tik Tok Nation music video is officially here!  Watch, Enjoy, Share…Just click on Tik Tok Nation!


2 more days and a Tik Tok Nation will be in all of your hot little hands!!


4 more days…I think I just peed a little.


5 more days until The Official Release of the Tik Tok Nation Music Video!  Set your watches and clear your calendars…


Come join Brad for a solo show at Art Walk LA on Thursday, December 8th at 9pm.  Awesome dulcet tones, not reminiscent of Mr. Kenneth G.


Acoustic musical domination is coming to Room 5 on Tuesday, December 6th at 10pm brought to you by Brad Standley & The Foxflies.  BE THERE!


Brad Standley & The Foxflies new EP, thoughtfully entitled “The EP”  is officially available on iTunes.  Check it out!


Brad is venturing into another year of life in music.  Happy Bday to Poppa Foxfly.


What better way to spend Thanksgiving then cozying up by the electric log fire with a white wine spritzer and the new EP by Brad Standley & The Foxflies?


As Thanksgiving draws ever closer The Foxflies are getting festive with promise of a scaled back acoustic gig at Room 5 on Tuesday December 6th at 10pm.


Much love was given and received today as day one of the Pre-Party for the AMA’s comes to a close.  Brad is looking forward to another impromptu solo gig tomorrow morning.


A meeting of the minds came together last night as Brad and the guys discussed the future of The Foxflies.  A crystal ball may or may not have been used.


The Guys are hitting up the AMA’s this Friday.  Who do you all think should be winning album of the year?  Besides BS&F, of course.  Hit us up on Facebook with the answer.


Happy 11-11-11 to The Foxfly Nation and you are all amazing for coming out in ranks to last nights show at The Key Club.  Well played.


Two more days until the Foxflies join the Key Club family for the first time.  10pm this Thursday and it’s…oh yeah FREE!


An amazing event of creative folks spanning the artistic spectrum last night.  Who wants to hop on the Awesome train for this Thursdays FREE show at The Key Club?


Tomorrow night come be a part join the Foxflies as they venture into the family of Grateful Fridays at The Vanguard.  There will be yoga, spiritual speakers, and AWESOME!


After the insanity of the 2011 Halloween season you need a break.  That’s why Brad Standley & The Foxflies new EP is officially available on CD Baby!  Go enjoy and be merry!


Happy almost Halloween everybody.  Brad hit it on the radio again today at 2pm but if you missed it just go check out the archived episode at The Foxfly Theory Productions Website.


Who wants a little Yoga before their awesome sandwich of rock sauce and Foxfly goodness?  What am I talking about?  Grateful Fridays at The Vanguard.  Brad Standley & The Foxflies are on at 10:30pm but get their early and you can get your downward dog on while you listen to amazing DJ’s and look at some of the premier artists on the LA scene.  Check out the Facebook Invite for more love.


If you guys have been missing Brad’s radio show make sure to check it out every Sunday at 2pm on  Busy on Sunday’s drinking the preachers wine stash?  I hear ya.  Go check out the archived episode at The Foxfly Theory Productions Website


If you missed the passed few shows you missed some pretty amazing stuff, but fear not young Foxfiliates.  The Foxfly gang will be hitting up The Vanguard on Friday November 4th at 10:30pm.  This is their first Central LA gig in over 2 months so make sure to pack em in the aisles!  Check out the Facebook Invite for more info.


Brad and the guys are headed into a few straight days of shows so make sure to other snag them out in Thousand Oaks tomorrow night at The Tipsy Goat, or down in Long Beach on Friday on The Queen Mary for Dark Harbor


The Tipsy Goat is definitely on for some Foxfly love on Thursday, October 20th, so if you’re out in the Thousand Oaks area, get your groove on starting at 9pm and headed straight until Midnight.


The Guys are going to be hitting up Dark Harbor down in Long Beach next Friday the 21st at 7:30pm.  If you want your pants scared off by both haunted mazes and the General Awesomeness of The Foxflies then make your way down to the Queen Mary next Friday!


Word has come down from the Mountain Top!  Brad Standley & The Foxflies will be heading in Ventura County next Thursday evening for a three hour set stating at 9pm.  Stay tuned for the location.


Word has been leaked from the Foxfly camp and we have heard tell of the possibility some new original songs hitting the scene very soon.  Admit it, you just wet yourself.


The new EP is fully in hand and is being slowly distributed around the city.  Have you been able to get your hands on one?


After the insanity of Vegas the guys have sunk into the Foxfly cave for a small rest and to regroup for the attack on LA once again.  Rumors have been spread about the possibility of The Queen Mary and maybe even moving up into Ventura County (sounds like bat country to me).


If you missed Brad and the guys on Wednesday at The Blue Martini, then fret not my friends!  They are back again tomorrow night for another 3 hours of insanity.  It starts up at 7:30 and goes until they all fall down.


The Foxflies are in Vegas!  One more city has been taken down on the journey to musical world domination.


Today’s the day when the video for Tik Tok Nation becomes a reality.  A huge thank you from the band to everyone who has supported along the way.  From Producers, to crew, to dancers, to fans, to friends and family.  You are all amazing and will always be a part of the Foxfly Family.


The Foxflies are packing their bags and will be soon headed on their way to Las Vegas.  Make sure to check them out at The Blue Martini on September 28th, and again on October 1st.


Block out your calendar for Friday September 23rd at King King because Brad Standley & The Foxflies and L.A. Scuffle are going to be hitting the stage together for a killer 2 hour mixed set.  Awesome Sauce ladled thick!!!!!!!


While the video shoots grow closer and closer the anticipation builds to a dizzying peak!  M


If you want a sneak peak at the make-up for the I Kinda Like video go check out Lauren Tracy’s blog (she’s the director of the video).  It’s looking pretty crazy.


A new show has been added to the fold and this time BS&F are tag teaming a show at King King with local rockers L.A. Scuffle.  Come and walk the ruckus get broughten starting at 8pm on Friday September 23rd.


To all who made it out to The Mint last night, The Foxflies say you’re amazing.


Do You have your tickets for Brad Standley & the Foxflies at The Mint?  Well you should because it’s getting crazy.


The dates are set for both music video shoots so start getting excited for September 24th-26th!


Having recently hit their monetary goal for the dual video shoot, The Foxflies have gone location scouting.  You may well have seen Brad down at The Refuge hair salon in Echo Park…and it wasn’t for a hair cut, yo.


Let us not forget that Wednesday, AUgust 24th is going to be a very special night at The Viper Room.  Birthday’s, Cheap Drinks, Special Guests, and The Foxflies…lots of Foxflies.  The evening starts at 8pm and The Foxflies hit the stage at 11pm.  Be there.


Make sure to keep those donations rolling in towards getting these music videos fully funded by The Foxfly Nation.  It’s especially those $10 donations that really add up in the end!  For more info or to donate go to Kickstarter.


Almost one week until the Foxflies hit The Viper Room for a very special evening full of special guests and amazing artists.  Make sure to be there next Wednesday evening.


The gang has finally been accepted into the family over at The Mint.  Make sure to look out for them on Friday September 2nd at 10pm!


Here’s a message from Anaïs Godard, one of the directors of the new music videos that will be funded with your help via Kickstarter. “With $10 you can : buy a very expensive coconut, have a coffee and cigarettes, get a cheap T-shirt at wallmart, 9 baloons at the dollar shop OR be part of the making of 2 AMAZING MUSIC VIDEOS. Pass the word! Thanks guys, we reached a sexy 69% of the needed funds !!!” -Anaïs Godard


The Foxflies are almost to the half way point of their goal of $8,000!  Let’s keep them on this roll and on the path to making TWO amazing music videos.  To learn more or to donate go to Kickstarter.


Through the help of the Foxfly Nation the Foxflies have raised over $3,000 for their campaign for more awesome videos in this world!  Who will be the lucky winner to push the group over the half way mark by tomorrow! Check it out at Kickstarter.


Message from our fearless leader.

“The time has come where we call to arms the Foxfly Nation. We are attempting the mind blowing feat of shooting not 1…but 2 music videos back to back. We will be shooting videos for I Kinda Like and our mash up of Tik Tok and Seven Nation Army. We need your help so click here and check out all the many incentives that we’ve laid out for you. Thank you in advance.” Kickstarter Link

-Brad Standley (President of The Foxfly Nation)


Another gig has popped up on the radar.  The Foxflies are returning to Amplyfi accompanied by My Dear Wendy next Saturday evening, August 13th.  The evening starts at 8pm.  Get into it!


We have confirmation that the Foxflies are hitting the Viper Room again on August 24th at 11pm for the B-day bash of the booking Mistress Ms. Jaclyn Strong.  There will be an open bar…that’s all I’m saying.


Tomorrow night at The Hotel Cafe and we’ve heard rumors brewing about some more music videos being shot in the near future.  WHICH SONGS!!!!!


The Foxflies are coming at it pretty hard for this gig at The Hotel Cafe.  Be there or be unhappy that you were not there…seriously you should be there.


This just in.  Brad Standley & The Foxflies will return victorious to The Hotel Cafe on Saturday July 25th at 11pm.  Check out the facebook invite.


If you were not of the lucky masses that made their way out to The Viper Room this past Saturday night, worry not, my friends!  There is still hope.  The show has been archived at you can enjoy every last drop at livestream.


The Show at the Viper Room this past Saturday was amazing for the lucky folks that were able to attend.  There are rumors abound of a Birthday show at The Viper Room for Jaclyn the booker on August 24th with an open bar.  More to come.


For those of you who haven’t been able to make it out to see Brad Standley & The Foxflies tonight at The Viper Room, no worries.  They’ve got you taken care of because you can watch live streaming online at  It’ll even be there archived for some time to come so make sure you set aside a few minutes to check out their live game.  However, if you’re free tonight you are obliged to kick it over to The Viper Room and have a good time…OBLIGED!


The Foxflies have solidified their set list for this up coming Saturday at The VIper Room and there is definitely a new track that has been heard by the ears of no man.  BE THERE 10pm!!  head over to to grab  download a flyer for $5 off the door.


4th of July.  Happy Birthday America.  Celebrate the old fashioned way with the Foxflies this Saturday Night at The Viper Room.  10pm.


After a grueling session in the studio, Hit The Road Jack has been mastered.  That is correct folks.  Round two comes tomorrow and hopefully we shall see this EP in the hands of The Foxfly Nation soon.


Brad Standley is entering the mastering stage with The Foxflies and, providing that there is no secret ninja attack, all should be finished tomorrow.  Get ready for Foxfly 2.0


The Grapevine tells us that The Foxflies were minutes away from finishing their new EP yesterday morning, when the studio was attacked by a secret force of ninjas determined to stop the musical domination that is The Foxfly Nation.


Secrets and rumors are flying around of big news for the Foxflies.  All we know over here is that the guys are locked in a small apartment talking business.  Sounds important, so get excited.


Wonderful event last night at La Fête de la Musique.  The Foxflies are now setting their sites on the utter destruction of The Viper Room on July 9th at 10pm.  Come witness the musical FURYYYYYYYYYYY!


Last chance to RSVP for La Fête de la Musique starting tonight at 7pm. and mention at the door that you’re on Evelyn’s list.


Mark it down on your calendar.  The return of BS & The F to The Viper Room on Saturday July 9th at 10pm.  Johnny Depp, River Pheonix, Brad Standley & The Foxflies…yup.


2 nights in a row of amazing shows at The Roxy and with Last Metro Company.  Now hit it up on Tuesday for La Fête de la Musique at The Sofitel Hotel.  RSVP at and mention that you’re on Evelyn’s list and it’ll be FREE.  The Foxfly Nation takes care of its own.


Last minute early gig in the VIP room at The Roxy (On The Rox).  This Friday June 17th at 8:30pm.  Rumours of new material perhaps?


Check out a live acoustic set with Brad Standley and new drummer Sam “Smurphy” Murphy at The Arthur Murray dance studio to help support Last Metro Company on Saturday June 18th starting at 8pm.


La Fête de la Musique at The Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills will be featuring Brad Standley & The Foxflies.  June 21st starting at 10pm, RSVP at


Tonight’s the night for headlining at the Hotel Cafe.  Be there or literally be square.


The announcement has been made official.  There is a new Foxfly folks.  Welcome Mr. Sam Murphy to the fold as the new drummer.  You may call him Smurphy if your nice.


Attention…Attention…The Foxflies have officially destroyed The Viper Room.  After last night it will never walk right again.


3 days left until the BS & The F debut at The Viper Room.  Johnny Depp BEWARE of the musical domination!


The mini EP is coming…GET INTO IT!!!!


Hotel Cafe is all up in the Foxflies grill with a new, headlining show on Sunday, June 5th at 10:30pm.  BS & The F bringin the musical PAIN!!!!!


The announcement has come down the pipe…Brad Standley & The Foxflies at The Viper Room at Midnight on Thursday May 26th.  Beware of the awesomeness to come.


The Foxflies are eating, sleeping, and breathing their new EP which is headed in the direction of amazing, so get excited folks!!!!!


Give some love for a Foxfly birthday.  Happy Birthday Mr. Ricardo Esteves Diaz Leal.


Amazing turn out last night for an amazing show at Hotel Cafe.  There has been confirmation of more to come, so well played Foxfly Nation.


3 days until the full band debut at The Hotel Cafe.  Everybody clap your hands and say yeah.


Brad Standley & The Foxflies are holed up in their secret layer devising some new grooves for the forth coming album.  This is getting real.


The Hotel Cafe Full band show has been announced so mark it down for Friday April 29th at 11pm.  Rally the troops to get The Foxfly Nation on the bill as regulars!


Tonight’s the night that Brad Standley & The Foxflies hit Amplyfi so get your tickets and bring out the youngins because it’s all ages.


The Foxflies are back in the studio mixing up their new Mini EP to be released online in the coming months.  How excited are you?!!!!


Make sure to get your tickets for the all ages show at Amplyfi on April 14th with Lagos Jump.


The Solo show was killer and thanks to all the folks who showed up to make it a special night The Hotel Cafe has decided to have the full band cruise on in for a full set soon.  More info on The Foxfly attack on Hotel Cafe later.


Don’t froget that Sunday night is the solo show by Brad Standley at The Hotel Cafe at 7:15pm.  Let’s help him pack the house so we can see him and The Foxflies there many more times.


Foxflies 2.0, the guys are getting digital.  Check out their new Youtube channel with all your favorite videos.  Poke around and if you like what you see send the link to all your friends.  Let’s make some viral Foxfly lovin!


The Foxflies are booking gigs left and right!  Look for Brad to be playing his first solo gig at The Hotel Cafe on Sunday April 3rd at 7:15pm and the guys will all be together at Amplyfi on Thursday April 14th!  Make sure to pack these both in because this is their first time at both of these venues.  FACEBOOK INVITE


Brad and Ricardo are hitting the studio today to finish up the final mixes on the new Brad Standley & The Foxflies mini-LP.  Get pumped!


Brad just finished wrapping a short film in which he’s acting, which is great news for Foxfly fans.  However even better news is that he’ll be composing the score for the short film as well!!  Check out the blog that explains it all The Good Old Days.


And “Hit The Road Jack” has been officially released!!!!  Click here to go check it out or look it up in our videos on the website!!


The Roxy was definitely kickin last night for all The Foxfly fans in the LA area, but here’s a present for the less local bunch.  On wednesday the 16th Brad will officially release the new music video for their cover of “Hit The Road Jack”, directed by Jesse Salto.  Be on the look out with bated breath.


HIt up the Foxflies this Saturday Night the 12th at The Roxy once again as they bring back their monthly series at On The Rox to celebrate their upcoming video release and the approaching finish of their new mini-LP.


Monday Night Rockstar has been officially released to the masses make sure to go enjoy the beautiful directorial work of Gilles Guerraz and the amazing talent of Brad Standley & The Foxflies


Sweet mercy.  Two Foxfly music videos on the brink of being released and a show at The Silverlake Lounge on wednesday at 10pm!  Life couldn’t possibly get better.


The East side of Los Angeles is quaking in their boots as Brad Standley & The Foxflies prepare their descent onto The Silverlake Lounge on Wednesday March 2nd at 10pm.  Be there.


Tonight’s the night. The First concert by Brad Standley & The Foxflies since they left for their European Tour over 4 months ago.  Admit it, you’re wetting yourself.  The Cat Club 8:30pm.


We’ve managed to toss up some pictures from The Foxflies 48 straight hours of shooting in the desert near Death Valley.  Check it out.


Make sure that all this anticipation of the new music video and the new teaser album don’t distract you from the fact that The Foxflies are hitting The Cat Club on Wednesday February 23rd and, oh yes, it will be filmed.


The first mix of Hit The Road Jack is ready and the Storyboards are set.  Let’s get these folks out in the desert.


The Foxflies are mapping out their world domination and it starts with a two day marathon video shoot in the desert for their new Epic cover of Hit The Road Jack.  How will the world recover?


The blogosphere has taken notice, and now the world will crumble.  Check out the new Brad Standley & The Foxflies video live from Paris on the Avalon Wright TV blog.


Hipsters beware!  The Foxflies are headed to the East Side.  Wednesday March 2nd, at The Silverlake Lounge dropping in at 9:30 in the pm.  Come welcome the Foxflies back in style.  Check out the Facebook invite.


After a brief Christmas time hiatus Brad Standley and the Foxflies are reunited in LA.  There were tears and much rejoicing for the music will begin again.


The world of Paris is getting itself prepped up for the solo goodness that is Brad Standley at Zanzibar on Thursday December 16th 8:30pm.  While you’re waiting come see Brad deliver some good old fashioned acoustic rock covers at O’Sullivan’s Irish Bar at Metro Blanche every Sunday night at 7pm.


Brad’s hitting the stage, or shall we say cave, at Zanzibar on Thursday December 16th 8:30pm.  It’s going to be some sweet, sweet acoustic love so get into it.


The solo Standley preps his universe for the stages of Paris.  Are you ready?


The Foxflies have all flown back home and the only one to rest in Paris is Brad for a series of solo shows to be announced soon.


Tonight’s the night for the last show in Paris with a full band!   Le Bus Palladium in the Restaurant upstairs!  8:30 and get ready to rock some serious slightly-acoustic-but-still-rocking-it-to-11 music.


The Foxflies are rocking a long video shoot today for Monday Night Rockstar with director Gilles Guerraz.  The images are amazing!  Check out some stills from the shoot as well as several of the concerts from this tour in the photo section on the web site.


Solid sound check at La Bellevilloise.  The guys are really putting it out there for a full 2 hours tonight!  Be there.


The Foxflies are taking a small break from world domination and rehearsal for their acoustic gig this Saturday at La Bellvilloise in order to sample some of the world’s finest cheeses.  Well played Foxflies…well played.


The Foxflies put on an extraordinary show last night, complete with broken strings and dare I say…broken hearts?   If you haven’t made it out yet make sure to hit the scene this Saturday Night at La Bellevilloise before it’s too late!!!!


Tonight the guys will be hitting up the stage at L’Étage in Paris.  Come out and get your Foxfly On before it’s too late!


Between living the rockstar life and secretly toppling the terrorist threat in Paris, Brad Standley & The Foxflies are more than ready for their upcoming gig this Tuesday at L’Ètage.  Make sure to get your tickets now!!!


The rehearsals are done, the stage is set.  Make sure to come out to La Scene Bastille to see the group in action.  Plus they’ll be singin with a very special guest.  SLIIMY!!!!!


The Foxflies are at the airport and it looks like customs might actually let these hooligans into the country so the Tour is ON!


Tonight’s the night to stop by The Roxy and wish The Foxflies a fond fairwell over the seas!


Don’t forget to stop by The Roxy on October 30th to wish Brad Standley & The Foxflies a Bon Voyage and to catch an amazing show!  Remember that this one’s a costume ball folks so get creative.


Pick up your tickets for the November 10th show at La Scéne Bastille with Betty Argo and Special Guest Sliimy at the FNAC or contact for the pre-sale discount.


Keep your calendars clear and your thinking caps on for this October 30th at 8:30pm.  Brad Standley & The Fofxlies will be playing at The Roxy yet again but this time everybody’s got to be in COSTUME!


It was an amazing show the other night at Bar Lubitsch!  Lindsay Hallyday, Donal Thoms-Cappello, Florence Hartigan, Matt Geiler, and of course Brad Standley & The Foxflies.  Everybody was on their A game and enough money was raised to get The Foxflies on a plane and over the Pond!


We are officially announcing The Foxflies new big show at La Scene Bastille in Paris on Wednesday November 10th.   Betty Argo is opening up for them and they’ve got special guest Sliimy coming out to get the party going.  Keep your eyes out for tickets at all your regular French ticket locations.


Don’t forget this upcoming Wednesday to check out Brad Standley & The Foxflies at Bar Lubitsch as they raise funds for their upcoming European Tour.  They’ve got some amazing guests including Lindsay Halliday, Flo Hartigan, Donal Thoms-Cappello, and Matt Geiler.  Doors at 7:30 and the party is rocking ALL NIGHT LONG ( just a little Lionel Richie for ya).


Indie Gogo has just announced that Brad Standley & The Foxflies European Tour is the project of the day!  They are half way to their monetary goal so make sure to keep the momentum going by shooting over to Indie Gogo and clicking “Fund This Project”


Bar Lubitsch gig on October 6th is going to be seriously alive with general awesomness as Brad Standley & The Foxflies take the stage supported by such wonderful comedians as Donal Thoms-Cappello, and Matt Geiler.  The list of performers is growing daily so make sure to be there.


If you can’t make it out to the Bar Lubitsch gig on October 6th at 7:30pm, it would stand to reason that you’re in the hospital.  However, if you still want to help out with a donation to the European Tour Fund then bounce over to Indie Gogo and click fund this project.


This is going to be some amazing craziness over at Bar Lubitsch on October 6th.  The Foxflies are looking for some last minute fund raising in order to help kick start the European tour this November so they’re throwing an amazing concert with all kinds of fun goodies and unexpected things.  So show up at Bar Lubitsch on 10/06/10 at starting at 7:30pm and get the party rolling.


How do Brad and his Foxflies rock so hard?  Better swing by this Friday night to find out?  10pm at The Roxy, no cover.


There was talk of an amazing secret rehearsal last night in order to brew up some amazing things fro this Friday’s FREE show at The Roxy.  If a good amount of The Foxfly Fans come out then there will be a residency set up for them on the prestigious Sunset Strip.  Make sure to come and support.


The Foxflies are almost half way to their fundraising goal for their world domination tour set for this November.  If you haven’t donated yet make sure to head over to indiegogo and get this band across the pond!


The Foxflies have found a new secret layer in Topanga Canyon.  It’s there that they’re brewing up a killer set for The Roxy this Friday the 17th at 10pm.  It’s FREE and they’re bringing that Canyon love down to Hollywood.


In all of this European Tour craziness it might be easy to forget that The Foxflies are playing an amazing gig right here at home. Friday, September 17th at 10pm in the VIP room at The Roxy on Sunset, called On The Rox.  It’s absolutely free and there’s cheap parking so no excuses.


The Foxflies have announced their world domination tour starting with Paris and London.  As the dates come in the will be fed directly to your watering mouths so don’t panic.  However, if you would like to help donate to the European Tour fund please don’t hesitate to check out their indiegogo page.  There’s also quite a bit of information on what their plans are for the tour, including a music video, photoshoots, interviews, and plenty of shows.  This November in Paris and London.  Don’t miss it.


The Foxflies have been hard at work all week toppling countless military dictators as well as prepping for their free show this Saturday at Fiesta La Ballona, which is an all day outdoor fair with rides and food and plenty of space for picnics.  They go on at 6pm in the Ford Fiesta Lounge at Veteran’s Park, 4117 Overland dr. Culver City, CA.  It’s part of the nation wide battle of the bands sponsored by Ford called Gimme the Gig.  Whether you can make it or not, please click your way on over to the Gimme The Gig website and follow these Directions to help them win!  You can vote daily so go nuts!


The night for King King has arrived and the world did rejoice in merriment!  The doors open at 7:30 and Brad Standley & The Foxflies will be gracing the stage at 11pm.  However, the evening is filled with amazing bands so make sure to come and enjoy the whole show.


The Foxflies are brewing something special up for this Sunday’s show at King King.  There may be a special guest holding down the drums.


In a superjet on loan from the CIA Brad Standley is now on his way to his solo acoustic gig tonight as a part of The Black Sheep series at McClain’s coffee house in Fullerton, CA.


No good superhero would be complete without a smokey jazz club ragin till dawn.  Well Brad Standley does like to deliver so Monday August 23rd he’ll be singing with Thelonius Dub, an amazing jazz group that plays every Monday Night from 8-11 at The West Lounge and Restaurant-17th floor, Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood, CA. Hotel Angeleno
170 N. Church Lane CA
Los Angeles, CA 90049

He’ll be singing a few Beatles tunes and he may just show off his lazer vision…or maybe he’ll just sing.  Gotta show up to find out!


I know you couldn’t possibly forget the awesomeness that is the show this Sunday August 22nd at King King.  The doors open at 7:30pm and there is an amazing line up of bands closing with of course Brad Standley & The Foxflies in their full regalia at 11pm.  If you bring two cans of food the ticket drops to $12 and if you donate $10 to the Dreams Of Dying Indie Go Go Fund before hand then admission is totally FREE!


If you were seriously injured and/or tied up in the trunk of a car and you were unable to listen to the live version of The Team Originals Podcast, check out the archived version of the mid blowing conversation that will live on in infamy till the end of days.  They split the segment into to two parts but click on both Attitude Adjustment and The Drew Roberts Show and then hit play next to the show that says August 14th.


Exciting news that Brad Standley will be joining the originator of the face-melting guitar solo, Mr. Mike Vitale, at McClain’s coffee house in Fullerton CA for a solo acoustic gig this Thursday August 19th starting at 8pm.  It’s part of a great monthly series called The Black Sheep that Mike runs at McClain’s so all of you OC Foxfly fanatics let’s get some folks over to Fullerton area!


Remember that today is the day to hear Brad Standley live on the Team Originals podcast.  Word on the street is that he may well be showing off his face-crushing superhuman powers and/or singing a few songs.  Either way it should be amazing.


Make sure to vote for Brad Standley & The Foxflies in Ford’s Gimme The Gig competition.  To do so click on Gimme The Gig and follow the directions which are laid out nice and simple at Directions


To recount his heroic tale of saving The Foxflies from utter destruction Brad Standley will be appearing on the podcast Team Originals, which can be heard live Saturday August, 14th at Team Originals podcast.  Although since his harrowing tale is entirely top secret be will most likely be talking about the music.


Brad Standley has busted The Foxflies out of French custody and they are fleeing across the gulf back into the loving arms of Los Angeles.


The Foxflies have been extradited to the French Island of Martinique for questioning involving a super secret mission.  Let’s hope they return stateside for their gig on August 22nd at King King in Hollywood!


The Foxflies have come out of their Foxfhole after an amazing performance at Molly Malone’s this past Tuesday.  For those of you who took videos Anonymity and are having trouble sending them because they’re too large then worry not!  Go to and upload them there.  Then all you have to do is send the link that they give you.   The world of Foxfly is so excited to cut together the entirely fan made music video!


The preparations are in the works for July 20th at Molly Malone’s  The Foxflies are going to be filming this one and for anyone who comes to check it out they’re going to give a free copy of the filmed concert!  Make sure to be there!


Some fun news for Foxfly ftheans.  Brad filmed his role as “Singer/Songwrtier” in the feature film Karakoe Man starrting James Denton and Caitlin Crosby.  He is featured singing “Anonymity”  of the new album THE HYBRID.  Great Film, Great Music.


Don your Shamrocks Foxfly fans because Brad and the guys are hitting Molly Malone’s on July 20th at 9pm.  Great venue, and there’s talk of filming this one so let’s gather the troups!


The Foxflies have been in hiding with Brad in order to devise intricate plans to rid the world of supervillains.  One supervillain at a time.


Just making sure that all you LA based Foxfly lovers have placed it on your calendars that Brad Standley and The Foxflies will be playing The Room 5 Lounge on Friday June 11th at 11pm.  Be there or be…not cool.


Brad Standley has created a safe haven for all Foxfly lovers at the Brad Standley and The Foxfly Fan Page on Facebook.  You can also find a nifty new way to check out their debut album THE HYBRID on the fan page at their new Nimbit Store.  Fun for the whole family!


The Foxlflies have just been added to the featured band wall on  Probably due to the super secret ninja moves that were brought to the IMRadio doorstep but nonetheless it’s worth a look.


Brad Standley and The Foxlflies are now fluttering around on check it out.


Check out the new reverb nation profile for Brad Standley and The Foxflies.


Brad Standley and The Foxflies are on the move and will be touching down at Room 5 on Friday June 11th at 11pm.  Only $8 at the door and it’s going to be a really great evening.  Check it out.


An amazing deal has just come down the pipe.  Any one coming to see Brad Standley & The Foxflies will receive 20% on taxi fair with my green taxi for their trip to and from the concert.  This deal is set for all future gigs so make use of it!


Brad Standley & The Foxflies are set up for The House of Blues West Hollywood in The Parish room on Friday May 21st at 11pm.  Get all up on it!


Last minute concert at The Lounge Theater for Consuming The Arts.  It’s an evening of 10 minute plays with acoustic performances by Brad Standley all throughout.  Plus there’s free Margaritas!  6201 Santa Monica Blvd at 8pm.


Monday Night Rockstar is currently being featured in episode 1 of the new hit web series The ROOM.  Check it out and pass it on to your friends.


Now you can be a part of all the Brad Standley & The Foxfly secret missions even easier by signing up for the Foxfly mailing list on the bottom right corner of this page.  Join the Foxfly brigade!


To be truly in the know all the time with e-mail updates and free gifts make sure to head over to the official Myspace for Brad Standley & The Foxflies so you can sign up for their e-mail list.  You won’t regret it!


For all of you aficionados out there you can now order a hard copy CD at  Go to town!  Bring the Foxflies home for dinner!  They make a great first impression with the parents.


Brad Standley & The Foxflies have now officially gone global on…Not counting all of their secret CIA missions to the Eastern Block of course.  Download THE HYBRID at


The day has arrived!  The Foxflies are dancing their foxfly jig as the CD is officially released at Bar Lubitsch tonight!


The Newly Freed Foxflies have a few tricks up their sleeves for the CD release party on Monday the 12th, one of which is that Christopher Dallman has agreed to be the opening act.  Everything else is top secret until the lights come up on Bar Lubitsch.


The Ninja’s have been defeated and The Foxflies are free!  Come celebrate their release and the RELEASE of their NEW ALBUM “The HYBRID”.

FREE CONCERT: 7:30pm on Monday April 12th at Bar Lubitsch 7702 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood.

For those who can’t make it look for the album on itunes starting the 12th!


In the battle royal Brad has dispatched with 74 of the ninjas.  One more to go.  So check back this afternoon for the date of the cd release party.  Be the first to know.


Brad Standley is currently fighting 75 Ninja’s in order to save The Foxflies from assured destruction.  Meanwhile, the Album is being printed up as we speak.


Breaking News: Brad Standley’s foxflies have been kidnapped. I repeat The Foxflies have been kidnapped. The album is done. The band is excited to perform. Give them back The Foxflies and the album release date will be announced!


Brad Standley & The Foxflies are currently spying on various heads of state while their new album The Hybrid is out being mastered. Duty calls.


Stay vigilant because any moment now the release date for Brad Standley’s debut album with The Foxflies, The Hybrid, will be announced. Keep your eyes peeled!

Welcome to the Universe where you can officially follow all that is Brad Standley & The Foxflies. Take a stroll and visit the musical countryside, but make sure to visit often because this world keeps on changing.